Thursday, October 31, 2013


After College Prepster's tweet about "reorganizing her life" via Evernote, I thought I would check it out myself. I'm hooked. Evernote is the best thing that has happened to me. You can sign-up for free on their website. They have different premium packages you can upgrade to that aren't super expensive if you are interested. The free works better for me since my Evernote is more personal than it is business. You get to make notebooks for different subjects (i.e. - personal, work, exercise, kids...) and then can make different "post-it"-esque postings. It looks like a mini-version of Microsoft Word/Blogger Toolbar. Another cool thing is the ability is the app. You can update something on your computer and within seconds, those changes are seen on your phone app. It is really a great product. Also, you can take a picture with your camera and it can turn it into a doc to view on your computer. Overall, the really great thing about it is you can put all your to-do lists on the computer. I'm the kind of girl who makes a million lists on Post-its and now I don't have to! I have them everywhere!

Do you use Evernote?

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Up and Running

It's official! Shop Sweet Mint is officially open for business. Be sure to check us out!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Halloween for Adults

We all secretly wish we were kids at heart on Halloween, right? The excitement as the sun starts to fade  and you go down the block with friends singing Trick or Treat at the friendly neighbor who opens the door. Halloween was always a big deal in my neighborhood. My street connects with two others and the houses are pretty close together, so it is a magnet for kids of all ages on Halloween night. It makes me sad that it isn't socially acceptable for adults to go out anymore. Who doesn't love free candy? That doesn't mean you can't throw a killer party. The years of kid costumes from Party City are past {sadly}. I've found Party City and other Halloween have very limited costumes that look good on me and look appropriate {no short-short dresses!}I've found a few costumes that look great for adults that are worth looking into. If none of these costumes suit your eye, check out Pinterest or ASOS Fashion Finder under event Halloween. They give you some solid suggestions.

JACK O LANTERN: Who doesn't love a cute pumpkin. ASOS makes this super cute sweater that you can wear over some slimming leggings or skinny jeans. It's a classic style that everyone will get and you'll look super cute. Although it is a men's sweater, it will make it them much more comfier. 

Photo: ASOS Online

PAGEANT PRINCESS: We all have the gorgeous dress collecting dust in our closet. You know, the one that we are going to wear to some fancy event and it never happens. Time to pull a Pageant Princess. Pair that fancy gown with some glamorous pumps and a glitzy tiara and you'll be the "Ultimate Grand Supreme" of the party! If you don't have pumps, grab a cheap pair at Payless. Their Comfort Plus brands over a low enough pump that you can actually walk, but high enough it gives you a boost of height. Party stores sell their plastic tiaras for a dollar or two. 

RUNNER: Haven't you always wanted to say you've ran a marathon? Now is your chance. Grab your   running shorts and lace up those tennis shoes. You can fake the athletic look so simply. Make sure you find a "race bib".  You can print out one for free on: 

What are your Halloween plans?

Sunday, October 27, 2013

How To: Limit Your Procrastinating

I am the first to say and admit that I am the United States planet's biggest procrastinator. I push off assignments until the night off until I swamped with work and cram studying {which isn't smart!} I get sucked into Facebook and Youtube {curse your endless videos/suggested video tab!} and I don't really seem to have a care until when I'm stressed out. I've really been working hard on how to limit my procrastination. I hope you find these tips helpful!

#1: NO DISTRACTIONS: We are only human and I've done it too. Oh I'm only going to 'quickly' check [insert social media site here]" An hour later and a million photos guiltily stalked {we have all been there!} you feel frustrated. To avoid these situations, don't look at them. When you get home, put your phone across the room from where you have to work and don't go on the computer unless you really need to. I use "Do Not Disturb" on my iPhone (iOs7 - Slide Up for Control Center and press the moon. I also use "Self Control" on computer!

#2: REWARDS: Studying for that annoying AP Gov test is going to be dull. Reward yourself. Studies have shown that a solid twenty-minutes of studying is the most helpful, so study for TWENTY WHOLE MINUTES and then reward yourself with a "serving size of Swedish Fish" for example. Keep the rewards easy and short. Don't reward yourself by making a cake. Do that on the weekend.

#3: PRIORITIZE: Make to-do lists and follow them. Rank the highest priority and work down. Don't due a whole project that is due in three weeks when you have a huge test the next day. Split things up into manageable chunks so it is easier.

#4: TALK TO A FRIEND: Get a friend in on the action. Tell them to remind you to keep at it. Typically having a partner will encourage you to keep going .

How do you limit your procrastination?

Friday, October 25, 2013

Blog Week 2013: Sweet Surprise

I'm sure all you loyal followers have been itching wanting to know what today's sweet surprise would be. Sweet Mint has already become more than I ever thought it would be and more. I'm excited to see where it takes off and I am excited to continually add more things to the blog. I hope y'all are as excited as I am about a new edition. I am very excited to announce that Sweet Mint will be adding a "Shop" to its homepage. In addition to Sweet Mint blog, Sweet Mint is also offering customizable stationary.The stationary will start off as sample templates tailored to your needs and will hopefully grow into offering much much more. The official opening of the "Sweet Mint Store" will not be available until November. so keep your eyes peeled for the newest addition. Again, thank you all for such a wonderful Blog Week. I'm so blessed to have such an amazing fan base and I'm excited to see where Sweet Mint continues to go! 

enjoy the sweet side of life


Thursday, October 24, 2013

Blog Week 2013: Fashion Dreams

We all do it. The mouth drooling over the keyboard, "I want need everything", why is my credit card bouncing, kind of thing. I'm unfortunately one of those girls. I love to look and along with that, love to buy. We all have those sites that are checked daily; maybe not to purchase anything, but to look at in a sad pain, wishing we could have it. Here is my list of fashion dreams and a wonderful link to their websites so you can indulge in their beauty!

While these are just a few of many, all of these lovely sites can kindly make their way to my closet as a late birthday present/sign of appreciation. Ok wishful thinking, but I love scrolling through the endless possibilities of clothes I want. You do it too, I know. My fashion dreams are a long list, but these are ones that I would love to have and own and sites you would know too. 

What are your fashion dream sites?

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Blog Week 2013: Sweet Fruit

Y'all might think it is super cheesy, but I love fruit. It tastes so sweet and it works well that it is really healthy for you. On a past family vaca, at the breakfast buffet, they had a juicer and I went ham. People started giving me dirty looks as I went up to make my third fourth cup of heaven. The great thing about fruit is that is tastes amazing by itself. The best thing about fruit is that when you combine it, you get this amazing flavor. It is really all relative to peoples tastes and if they prefer super sweet or mild when it comes to fruit. I have to say I'm a big sweet fruit girl. Here are some of my favorite combos for you try out. You also don't need a juicer to make these. You can cut up some small pieces of fruit and eat them at the same time. Same product, no need to buy an expensive juicer.

Strawberry & Banana

Strawberry & Pineapple

Stawberry & Watermelon & Pineapple

Strawberry & Apple

Apple & Watermelon

Pear & Pineapple

Strawberry & Pear

Now these are only some of my favorites, but feel free to mix around. I want to know your favorite fruit combos. What do you like in a drink? I love sweet drinks because it makes me feel like I'm on an island. Please take me to an island! 

What is your favorite fruity combo?

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Blog Week 2013: Sweet Treats

Sweet treats are amazing! They are always super yummy and make your entire mood. I'm always in a bright and chipper mood after. My go-tos are always so amazing and always tastes that much better on my birthday.

BIRTHDAY CAKE POPS: Oh my my! Starbucks truly outdoes themselves with these little babies. There are no words to describe how fluffy and delectable these are. Please do yourself a favor and go and get some. I promise this blog will be here when you come back.

PUMPKIN DONUTS: Obvi I love fall, who doesn't? Dunkin' Donuts comes out with their signature fall drinks and donuts and the pumpkin donut is too die for. It is a pumpkin "cake" covered in a light glaze and I am head over heels every time I bite into one. I find myself getting into my car and driving without even thinking about it.

KEY LIME PIE: Ladies and Gents - I can't control myself around key lime. It is so good and I've been known to have more than the recommended amount. It tastes so good and even better with a little vanilla ice cream on the side. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

DAVIDS COOKIE PIES: After reading this paragraph, please open a new tab and get one of these pies shipped to your front door. {please}. David Cookie's is a company that makes a laundry-list full of scrumptious desserts. They were giving out samples at my local Costco and I naturally chose the "Toll House Cookie Dough {I've been known to eat cookie dough raw - who hasn't?} and I was hooked. It was so good and tastes even better if you warm it up a little bit. My family bought one for Easter and it was so good. The good thing about it is that you can freeze them until you need them. Deee-lish.

ITALIAN RAINBOW COOKIES: Come on guys. Being a part Italian, I crave these delicious cookies, especially when they are fresh. I can't control myself. They are amazing and I can't stop.

FROZEN-YOGURT WITH SPRINKLES: Sprinkles are mandatory and a lot of toppings too. I can't even begin to talk about how amazing they are.

What are you favorite sweet treats?

Monday, October 21, 2013

Blog Week 2013: Favorite Quotes

Quotes are great! They are motivational and can pump you up when you are feeling down. Here are some of my favorite quotes. While these aren't all of them [seriously too many to write down] so here goes all my favorites!

Good things come to those who hustle

Shoot for the moon, even if you miss you'll land among the stars  -Wes Brown

Be so good they can't ignore you  -Steve Martin

She turned her can'ts into cans and her dreams into plans  -Kobi Yamada

Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, 'I will try again tomorrow'  -Mary Anne Radmacher

Rise up and attack the day with enthusiasm

Every good and perfect gift comes from above   -James 1:17

Let your past make you better, not bitter

I can do everything through God who strengthens me -Phillipians 4:13

I can't help but fall in love with all of these quotes they are great and always motivate me! 

What quotes do you like?

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Blog Week 2013: Birthday Traditions

We all have our traditions we have on our birthday; same breakfast...I'm going to share some of my favorite traditions I've done forever. I love my traditions because they really only come out on my birthday!! So excited to share all my traditions with you.

CARVEL CAKE: We always celebrate my birthday the night before with Carvel cake. Carvel is probably one of the only brands that has those little chocolate crunchies in between the ice cream/cake and the icing on it is so delicious. Love


DELI LUNCH: I know it sounds basic, but there is a deli near me that gives free birthday sandwiches, which is a nice way for a little birthday treat. Their sandwiches are great. 

BIRTHDAY DINNER WITH LOVED ONES: My birthday night is always used to celebrate with my family and friends. We always have a fun night and make sure to have a memorable evening. I love birthday dinners and the occasional staff singers. 

POST DINNER: My friends and I usually do something fun after dinner. We always do something different and it is a lot of fun. 

VM CHECK: I have a huuge family. So big that I get phone calls from different timezones and all. My birth-night, I always replay all my sweet messages. They make me feel so good. I also love checking FB posts too. They are great. 

While these are only some of many, these are some of my favorites. I love spending time with loved ones on my special day!! It's a great way!

What are some of your traditions on your birthday?

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Birthday Celebration

Yes, yes, yes - tomorrow is my birthday! I am super duper excited and to celebrate my birthday so for this "birth week" is going to be the start of my official "Blog Week!" It's a week of celebration of this blog and all the good times, plus my birthday. Each day is going to have a theme, so I hope you are excited to see what is coming up. Blog Week will run from Sunday (my official birthday!) to Friday and Sweet Mint will be showcasing a variety of posts. Make sure to check back.

SUNDAY: Birthday Traditions
MONDAY: Favorite Quote
TUESDAY: Sweet Treats
WEDNESDAY: Favorite Fruit
THURSDAY: Fashion Dreams
FRIDAY: Sweet Surprise (y'all just have to wait and see!)

Thursday, October 17, 2013

How to Make a Website App

We all have our guilty pleasures we love to look at online. (Side of Sweet Mint, College Prepster, Elle Horoscopes). There are so many websites we love and it is always a draaag to have to google in what you want. Wouldn't it be great to have an "app" on your home screen for that specific website? Well now you can. One of Apple's hidden secret that not every one knows about, but Sweet Mint has got your tech fix right here. How to make a website app. Just keep in mind this is on iOS7. For any programs iOS6 and earlier, the set up

STEP # 1: Open Safari app and type in the desired website. I'm going to use Sweet Mint as an example. Type the website into Google and open it up. 

 STEP # 2: Now that you are on the mobile site, you are going to press the square with an upwards arrows. (Look @ purple arrow) A little pop-up blurb is going to come up. Don't worry about this mobile site template. Just for our mobile site. 

  STEP # 3: On the pop-up, click the "Add to Home Screen Button" which will lead you to another pop up! 

 STEP # 4: You can name the app whatever you want. The default name is going to be whatever the website title is, but you can change it to something you want if you don't like that. 

 STEP # 5: Congrats! The app is made and perfect for use. It works just like a normal app and hyperlinks straight to the website. 

Hope you found this very informational! As you can see, two of those other links are other Website apps!

Have you ever made a website app?

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Slip Up

That's right ladies and gents. Sweet Mint had its first not-so-sweet blog leak. One of our top-secret posts made its way on to the interweb a little earlier than planned. For all of y'all who caught our slip-up, lucky you! You got a sneak peek into what is coming up later on Sweet Mint. For all those who missed it, don't fret. Tune in this Saturday for a Sweet week full of fun. 

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Fall Polish

Although we are having a pretty mild fall so far {fingers crossed} I see lots of people trading in their pale pinks and pastels into storage and grabbing their dark greens and reds into the mix. I am the biggest fan of Essie polish. They have the best colors in all different shades. Thinking of a color in particular? They have it.

 Aagh! Don't you just want to buy every single one? My absolute favorites are Aruba Blue, Mint Candy Apple, and Pink Lemonade, to name a few. I love checking the Essie website every few months to see their new colors and collections. Of course, the Fall Collection out and I want every single color. They are super cute and work well with a variety of outfits.

From Left to Right: Twin Sweater Set, The Lace is On, For the Twill of It, After-School School Blazer, Vested Interest, Cashmere Bathrobe

I really love "For the Twill of It", it has a little bit of metallic in it, which gives it another look to it. It is the best hybrid between a gray and a brown. The "Twin Sweater Set" and "Lace is On". They look awesome and I can't wait to pick up these at the store soon. I get all my nail polish/cosmetics at CVS or Walgreens. They just always have everything I want and it is easy to rack up savings with their rewards programs.

*all photos from*

What are your favorite fall polishes?

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sweet Mint Updates

I cannot believe how exciting it has been to be the voice of "Sweet Mint." I love hearing from all y'all and reading your comments makes me so happy knowing how similar we are. I have some news to share about Sweet Mint - a few new "sections" that this blog with be showcasing. These sections of the blog with be posted periodically and I'm super excited to share them all with y'all! 

CONTACT: Sweet Mint is happily available on many popular social media sites. We would love for you to check us out. Sweet Mint is currently on Facebook ( and Twitter ( We hope to be adding more in the meantime. Keep updated with our page and show some friends. Nothing like passin' on the Sweet Mint love. 

ORGANIZATION STATION: Inspired by College Prepster's "Organize Please", I'll be doing my own variation of organization posts with the title: Organization Station. As you may have learned, I love to organizing, so I hope you will enjoy the posts are much as I do. 

LOVIN' LATELY: These posts have been around since the first few posts, but I was never sure if people knew exactly what they were. Lovin' Lately is a monthly wrap-up talking about my FIVE Favorites of the past month. Look for those lovely ladies on the first of the new month. We might even have a few in common. 

HOW TO: It is exactly what it sounds like. This section will revolve around how to do certain things that I use in my daily life. 

LEMON-AID: Although I would love this section to be all about that tangy sweet drink, Lemon-Aid is my advice column. We all have those pickles that we just can't get out of. Sometimes, you can't turn to a parent or friend or you just need a third opinion. Sweet Mint is the place for that. Send in your submissions for a question/topic you want me to discuss. This will be completely anonymous and you never know - most times people are going through the same thing and are too nervous to ask. Don't be afraid to ask. 

Enter all submission via sideofsweetmint{at}gmail{dot}com
Subject Line: Lemon-Aid Submission 

*Sweet Mint reserves the right not to post certain Lemon-Aid question on the blog*

I know all these new changes can be a little overwhelming, but I am more than excited to keep adding to Sweet Mint and watching it grow. 

What do you think of our new additions?

Friday, October 11, 2013


My friends swear by this method and I find is so true. Your mindset is everything. It may sound really fake and superstitious, but it seems to work out everytime. If you go into a test/interview and say, "I didn't study enough. I'm going to fail"/"I didn't prepare enough. I won't get it", you are setting yourself up for failure. However, you approach the situation as, "I'm going to ace it" you set yourself up for a better score. Positivity can really truly change your life. If you don't believe me {i see all you non-believers out there. a select few of you!} watch this amazing TED talk. Amy Cuddy talks about the importance of "power poses" and how they can really help you. She talks about body language which also has a correlation to your overall attitude. I know this video is a little on the lengthier side, but it I promise it is so so worth it.

How does your mindset affect your difficult tasks?

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


I love love love the word radiant. Automatically, when we hear radiant, I'm sure a good portion of us would automatically think of the sun and how it radiates heat and light to the wonderful planet of Earth below, as well as space. I love using it as an adjective. Doesn't Morgan look so radiant today? When someone is radiant, they are just like the sun {slightly}Radiance is about "radiating" confidence (light) and positivity (heat) I'm sure we can all name a few people who are constantly radiant {i.e. - my mother, a good friend, a neighbor, the crossing guard, a colleague, store owner, barista at Starbucks} Radiance is a mindset - so radiate your radiance.

How do you spread "radiance"/radiate?

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Organization Station: iPhone Apps.

I am very excited to start a new section of my blog: Organization Station. As many of you faithful readers know, I l-o-v-e to organize. It is my passion and I just can't stop. I've seen a lot of bloggers share what apps they have on their tablets or cell phones, so why not do the same.

*Disclaimer: All these opinions on the following apps are all my own. These opinions are not influenced by companies whatsoever. 100% my thoughts!*

Alrighty - lets get started. My lock screen is from one of College Prepster's "Memorable Quotes." I loved it so much that I made it my lock screen. Motivates me every time I look at my phone. My home screen is a little hard to see, but it is my initials. It is a really cool app called "Monogram" where you can make all these cool backgrounds for your phone.

My home screen has all the basic apps + a College Prepster one. You can "create your own app" for webpages on Safari. I love reading her posts every morning. {seriously...every morning!}

This page is a continuation of some blog apps and translator. I have "Design Darling", "Elle Magazines Horoscope {so accurate! worth checking out} and Google Translate.

My last page is probably the page I check the most. It is home to all my "social" apps, "photo editing" apps, Starbucks, {upload all your Starbucks gift cards and you can pay for your drink on your phone! You earn stars everytime you spend and get sweet rewards!} and Temple Run {for the occasionally babysitting job}

In my "Social" app group, I have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, and Vine. These are all my personal accounts though. Twitter might be the only account that is linked to "Sweet Mint" as well. I love love love Instagram. Looks like we might be having a Sweet Mint IG very soon! ;)

In my "photo editing" group, I have PicLab, PicJointer, PicStitch, Studio, and PhotoGrid. These apps are perfect if I need to edit a photo before it is instagrammed. A lot of times I save photos of my friends and make a huge collage for their birthday. These apps make it so easy. I found Picstich has the best templates for collages, but these apps are perfect in their own way. PicLab is a lifesaver. You can brighten photos so that awesome candid shot that is a little too dark can be just the way you want it!

That is pretty much it for all my apps! I do have to say I can't live without iTunes Radio. When I'm cleaning up, playing some iTunes top 100 really saves my day, without having to pay for every song I love!

How do you organize your apps?

Monday, October 7, 2013

Passion Pumps

Love that the holiday season is just a few months away (woo!) which means a lot of special occasions, holiday dresses (!!) and of course, some amazing parties. You can't go to a special holiday party without some great looking pumps. I am all about the high heel. They are so feminine and so fantastic for any outfit. However, these dreamy darlings can break the bank and around the holiday time, cash isn't always that easy to come by. (i.e. - gifts for everyone, thank you gifts for a gift, gifting yourself [obvi]) I have really lucked out finding some great pumps for less than you would think so. I love Payless Shoe Stores, first off. We all see their commercials for BOGO (Buy one, get one 50%) and most people just assume that since the shoes are cheap, so is the material. FALSE. Last year, I bought an adorable pair for nude pumps last year for only $18 dollars and I wear them ALL the time. They are so comfortable and easy to walk in. At the end of the night, my feel don't ache like they do in some heels and I get compliments all the time. People think they are designer! (fashion points, anyone?) Another great place to scope out are the lower end retail stores such as Kohls, Marshalls, TJ Maxx. They always have great shoes marked down for great prices too. The one downside is that it is hit or miss. They often put everything they have out on the floor, so if the shoe is just too tight, it just isn't right - try a new style. I always find a shoe that I was wasn't expecting to end up coming home with me. Lastly, check out some online retailers like Amazon and eBay. They often partner up with companies to pass on some sweet savings right on to you. I've found some great deals on great shoes and the occasional free shipping deal is great! A great website to check out is for any online purchases. You type in the website name and it gives you a list of all the current coupons that are valid for the website along with the last time it work successfully. It saves you a bunch on money on the crazy shipping fees along with your sweet purchase! Check it out the next time you purchase something online!!

Where do you "score" your favorite pumps?

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Record Views!

IT's OFFICIAL! Sweet Mint has official hit 200 views. Super excited for all that is to come in the future. Thank you followers and supporters for helping Sweet Mint get its feet off the ground. 

WE LOVE OUR FANS! Thank you!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Down Days

I know no one likes to have {or even talk} about down days, but I really think it is healthy to get the word off your chest. A few weeks ago, I was feeling down in the dumps, pretty deep down there. I was in this crazy funk and I couldn't get out of it. I felt so lost, but I couldn't turn to anybody. I didn't want to rope people into my problems and wanted to feel really independent. I sat on my bed for three hours just sitting there feeling bad and negative. This anger had been building up inside of me for weeks before this huge "breakdown." Just a combination of different events seemed to trigger this "mega-meltdown" and I couldn't help myself but just feel crappy.  It wasn't until I was scrolling through some blogs, I found an old post from my favorite fitness blogger, Taralynn McNitt about a promise she made to herself sixteen months ago. This just seemed to pick me up because Taralynn was feeling quite similar to me. I've attached the article below and is definitely worth a peek.

I was so inspired by Taralynn's post that I wrote down my own rules for me to open in 10 months {I couldn't wait sixteen!} to see how I personally have grown, changed, and become a better person. It put me in a better mood and I have already seen the wonderful changes I have felt because of it. My positivity energy has been so great and I'm so happy where I am.

Have you ever felt in a funk before?

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Morning Routine

I love watching Youtube videos, especially the vlogs. I love when people share their routines because you get a little inside look into what they do to be themselves. I thought why not share my morning routine, so here we go! Just a little note: I used my iHome as an alarm - I wake up to 106.1 in the morning. Love waking up to music.

5:55am - First Alarm goes off! 

5:55am-6:15am - Catch up on all the social media news I missed while I was snoozing, along with read a few blogs and check my Elle Horoscope. {obvi} I also check the weather to see how the temperature is going to be.

6:15am - Second alarm goes off.

6:20am: Roll out of bed

6:20-6:25am: Make Bed

6:25am: Search for the perfect outfit

6:35am: Finally have the outfit {or something close to perfect ;)} and now I do my makeup and hair plus a little spritz of body mist/perfume.

6:43am: Find some perfect accessories to add to my perfect outfit. I always put on earrings, necklace and rings with an occasional bracelet or two. 

6:46am: Go downstairs for breakfast and try to catch a little Channel 4 News! I love current events. 

6:57am: Brush teeth, put on a little lip gloss, once-over in the mirror. Turn the lights out in my room, grab my phone and bag. Make sure all my dirty laundry is in the hamper and my room looks nice and tidy!

7:00am: Downstairs again to grab my lunch and waterbottle for the day and pack it all away! 

7:03am: Find some perfect shoes, grab my keys and I'm out the door! 

It works best for me to shower at night. I lose so much time showering and it takes me forever to blow-dry my hair. I hate rushing in the morning, so getting all the showering and all done in the morning works best for me!! 

What is your morning routine?

Sweet Mint News

It's official ladies and gents. Sweet Mint is officially on Instagram. We are delighted to be adding another social media platform to our list, so follow us for all Sweet Mint photos. We are super excited about it and we hope you are too. Check out our IG page via our IG website. Never knew until recently you could see all someones IG photos. Check it out!

For those who want to know how to see your "IG site", you just use the following "formula" to the needs of your website or others. *Note - if your account is private, it will not show your photos. Only private accounts! 

What types of photos do you want to see on IG?

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Lovin' Lately: September

I am so happy it is October everybody. Aside from being my birthday month, October just "screams" autumn. The weather has been getting a little chillier and I am very excited to start breaking out my boots and sweaters. I am super excited for everything that is going to come from this special month. Halloween is comin' up ladies and gents. {no, you are not too old to dress up!} Here is my September-In-Review: My five favorites from the month!

#1: APPLE-PICKING: Who doesn't think apples when you hear September? Back to school season, nights get a little chillier, why not warm it up with some delicious apple pie or a few fresh apples to be made into cider. Instagram and Facebook have been decorated with some apple picking photos. Hoping I can squeeze a visit sometime soon.

#2: iOS7: I may be the only person on Team iOS7. I absolutely love the new look for the iPhone and Apple products. It is so clean and modern looking and perfect for a new "year" and new "outlook" on life. I love the Control Center with a built in flashlight {genius!} and the new design of the apps. Change isn't always bad.

# 3: WARM DRINKS: Along with a little cold that is being passed around right now {everybody is sniffling and sneezing}, warm drinks are the cure..or at least some medicine. I've been downing some hot cocoa every night to help aid my sore throats, but let's be real, warm drinks are a big part of the autumn weather. Whether it be a pumpkin spice latte or a warm lemon tea, warm drinks just put you in a good mood.

#4: ROAR BY KATY PERRY: I cannot stop listening to this song. Katy Perry knows exactly how to pump me up when I've been feeling down {sadly, i've been feeling down a little too often} This song is on replay when I'm working. The lyrics are amazing and it is just such a catchy-song. It is the perfect song to play around 3:30-4pm when we all get a little tired and exhausted from life work and it gets you in the groove. Keep it up Katy!

#5: PAPERMATE PROFILE PENS: I know, I know. It is weird to love pens so much, but I cannot help it. I am addicted to pens, especially the ones that make your handwriting look super pretty. These Profile pens come in all different colors. I have red, black, blue, and purple one and they make my notes look like artwork.

What are your September favorites?