Welcome to the Sweet Mint Shop. We're excited you are here. We are now offering custom letterheads and stationary. Sweet Mint will work with you to create a custom letterhead that is customized just for you, along with your initials and color concept.


The Scholar - $5
The Business Woman - $5

The Prepster - $5

The Simplistic - $4
The Professional - $5

Optional Chit Chat Bar Footer - $2


How do I order?
To order, please email sideofsweetmint@gmail with the subject: SHOPSM. 

How do I receive my order?
Your letterhead will be emailed to you in either a PDF file or Microsoft Word (your choice) 

I don't have a printer? Can you deliver my purchase to me?
We sure can. The following packages are available for home delivery. 

5 sheets of your custom letterhead = $2 + [letterhead total] +  Shipping

How do I pay for my purchase?
Via the Side of Sweet Mint Paypal Account. All transactions are secure and your credit card information with never be given to third-parties. 

How do I customize the letterhead I want for me?
After you order, I will work with you to develop what color you want and the information you want the letterhead to have. 

I want the size of the letterhead to be bigger. Can you do that?
Yes we can.  

I don't love the blue color. Can we change that?
Of course. Any color under the sun can be used for your letterhead. You will be asked for your notes during the time you order your letterhead. 

What is a chit-chat bar?
A chit chat bar is just like a little business card for your letter. This way, whoever is receiving your letter can find all your information on the bottom of the paper and no need to attach a business card

What are some suggestions for the chit-chat bar?
Sweet Mint suggest email, phone number, website URL, Twitter, Instagram. Any ideas you have and want on the footer will be include.

How many things may I have on the Chit-Chat bar footer?
A maximum of three, please. 

Is a Chit-Chat bar required?
Absolutely not! 

I really like the Business Woman Letterhead, but I don't have a job position. What do I do?
It doesn't have to be a job position. You can customize it to say whatever you want. 

Do you offer gift-cards?
Here at the Sweet Mint shop, we over a modified gift card. You can order a certain letterhead and pay for it. We will send a sweet little email to the recipient alerting them that someone sweet ordered them a custom letter-head and we will work with them to make the letterhead of their dreams.

Any other questions?

Subject: SHOPSM