Saturday, December 14, 2013

Sweet Mint News: Sometimes, It Happens

Having a blog has always been a dream of mine after drooling over amazing blogs such as Carly's from College Prepster and Mackenzie from Design Darling. These past few months working on Sweet Mint have been fantastic. My break I took a few weeks ago was amazing and it really got me thinking about why I made the blog and my thoughts behind it. I have been so overwhelmed with everything going on, and trying to make this blog the best it can be does not make it easier. When I started this blog, I had all the right intentions (so I thought) about what it was going to be. I expected it to just shoot up immediately {false - it never will work like that!} With the new year just around the corner, I want 2014 to be amazing in every way possible. And with that said, it is with deep regret that I'm announcing the cancellation of Sweet Mint. While the blog won't be deleted, it will not be posted on. I'm not leaving because this blog didn't 'shoot up'. I'm leaving because I just don't feel my heart in it like I did originally. My mind is in a million other places and I cannot keep stringing people along when I'm not giving 100% to my posts/blog. I have loved getting to know some amazing followers. I hope that I can pick up Sweet Mint again soon, once I'm able to give more time to what I really love: writing. Thank you for all this support. Team Sweet Mint wishes you and your families Happy Holidays and a wonderful 2014.


Team Sweet Mint

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