Monday, September 30, 2013

Iconic Sunnies

As summer settles down, a lot of summer style sunglasses start to go on sale. There are some iconic sunnies that never go out of style. So I'm going to try to spill out some of the most iconic sunnies that will be perfect for you to try out. 

AVIATORS: For guys and girls, this timeless classic will never go out of style. The mirror-finish on the lens is so classic and will look good on anybody

SPORTS STYLE: Ladies, this one is for the guys. Sports style sunnies are perfect for guys who love a good exercise with a sleek, sport look to them. Sports style are popularly seen on runners and cyclists, but are sure to look sweet on any guy. However ladies, don't fall for the ladies sports style. Not only will they not fit your face, but they just aren't the right sunnie for you. 

WAYFARERS: The classic style is perfect for lazy afternoons running some errands and look amazing with any type of outfit. Wayfarers are known to come in many fun and bright colors, sometimes even patterned, so you are bound to find some sunnies to fit your attitude. 

While there are more types of sunglasses, there are the "iconic" that will never go out of style. My personal favorite place to get sunglasses would be Sunglasses Hut. They have all the latest styles and have a really great warranty program. These glasses get a little pricey, but are definitely worth it because they will last for a while.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Sweet Mint Playlist #1

With the addition of the new iTunes Radio, I have been listening to music all the time. I've been on a mix of iTunes Radio/Spotify/Youtube, here of some of Sweet Mint's favorite songs of the month.






P.S. Watch his amazing life story -







What are some of your favorite songs right now?

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Pleasing Others

I've always struggled with this topic a lot. I used to obsess over people being upset with me and/or not liking me. What did I do wrong? Why do they hate me? If I got in a fight with a friend over AIM {so middle school - I know!}, I would call their house and reconcile without even thinking because I hated the feeling of knowing someone else was mad at me. This mindset has carried with me until honestly this year. I've had people this year be upset with me and this was the first time that I actually just took the high road. People are always find a reason to be mad for one reason or another. Naturally, you have to let them cool down. Nothing good came from rushing into a conversation when everyone is heated up and angry. Give people a cool-down time {overnight is best = sleep is key!) and once they have their head on straight they can talk. Not everyone is going to agree with your opinions and the hard truth is they might not like you. It happens to everyone {yes, everyone!} You just have to know in your heart of hearts that you have a million other friends who care enough about you to give you love and support. That one friend isn't going to matter because who cares about what they think? Let them be mad. Be successful and happy with your friends. If a friend drops you, they aren't a true friend. True friends stick by you, no matter what. I learned this the hard way, but it is true. 

Have you ever been anxious about pleasing others?

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Color has been on the brain lately. Everyone {legitimately everyone} has been buzzing about the new iPhones {and the new iOS 7, which I love - new clean look is awesome} and color is a major part of it. iPhone 5C is the new color iPhone. When people talk about color, it naturally sounds childish. We all learn about colors when we are young and what happens when certain colors mix {never understand, but you get the idea} Color has really been taking over my life. I've noticed I've been taking things that were once bland, and making them colorful and exciting. This may sound like a lame example, but for a project I'm working on, the poster board was dull. It was a white background with nothing happening. Adding a little colored boarder changed the entire look and feel of the poster. Isn't that what color does in our world today? We use color to change the message we are trying to get across. Imagine all the different types of color we see on a day-to-day basis. I find is so interesting that we let these colors go unnoticed. Take a minute to look around the room. How many vibrant colors do you see - what would it be like if it all turned to white. The entire look and feel of the room would change.

How does color affect you?

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Real Talk: Never Understood.

I never understood certain people. The ones who need to be in charge 100% of the time and never let anyone have their fifteen minutes of fame. It has been on my mind for sometime now. We all have stress up to our eyeballs {some, even more} Somehow, it translates to being able to be the "leader" and put others down because you think it is right. I find that so unbelievably wrong, especially so because others feel the hurt and pain that comes with it. We so often take people down, when we should be celebrating their ideas and opinions. You may not agree with someone's thoughts, but you should listen and make an effort to understand, as if you agreed 110%. This is a theme I have seen lately throughout my life. People who think their opinion should weigh more than others. They don't care what they have to say and let it slip through the cracks. I wonder if they ever think to understand the other person's perspective. Maybe if they listened, they might change their mind. Maybe, even if they didn't agree, that moment of listening and care would make the person feel good. It would give them the courage to have their own opinions and not be a cookie-cutter believer. We are all entitled to our own opinions and those who trump others just need the attention because...well they need that attention. So don't be a cookie-cutter: be brave, be expressive, be proud about what you believe. No other person should influence that. {not in the slightest}You are you, so be you. 

Have you not shared an opinion because someone influenced you not to?

Saturday, September 21, 2013

l o v e

why don't you have a boyfriend {interchangeble with husband}  yet? 

Ladies and Gentlemen, a constantly recurring conversation with my mother and grandma. I'm sure we have all {don't deny it:: all} been asked this question. Every time I hear this question, I turn into a fifth-grade, nervous wreck, sweaty palms, blushing adolescent girl who is frozen with fear. The truth is I do love. I l o v e like a little kid loves a puppy. I have so many things in my life that I love and that I honestly put before my love life. So for all y'all in the same boat as me {I know you are out there}, we all love things more. What do I love?

My blog (obvi)
Mac 'N Cheese
F.R.I.E.N.D.S Reruns
Ugly Betty Reruns
Long walks on the beach
Ben and Jerry's 
My blog (obvi)
A good book
Snail Mail
Laughs {lots and lots of them}
Good Songs
Movies that make you cry
Movies that make you laugh
Movies that make you cry & laugh

well this isn't my full list, but this is what i l o v e. you can't just love one thing and you can't just live your life without having a little love in it. Love with come to us in different forms: in a love-r, an unexpected letter, a treat from the local bakery. we will all find our l o v e. 

what do you l o v e?

Friday, September 20, 2013


I love cleaning. I know it sounds crazy, but organizing things makes me so happy and makes me feel so good. This past week, I have been doing a crazy "fall cleanse" and getting rid of all my old clothes that don't fit. Not going to lie, I'm a hoarder when it comes to clothes that I love. I just remember all the fun memories I had in them {cheesy, I know} I finally had to get rid of some of those clothes that were taking up space and make room for some new ones {shoppin' spree!!} I know it is a hard "task" to grasp, but getting rid of all the old clothes made me feel so so so good. I was able to donate 1 garbage bag full to Goodwill/Salvation Army and another as hand-me-downs to my sweet cousins. Cleaning my room/old clothes was great motivation for me. I try to honor the "take one out, one goes in" motto so my closet doesn't get too packed. When I started, I didn't have one extra hanger for clothes, but know after getting rid, I have a few more and weight has been lifted. 

Have you ever done a big "clean/donate"?

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

5 Simple...but Relaxing Breaks

This has been the strangest of weeks. I've been pushed to my limits this week. I have been so busy with all this work and it keeps on piling up on my desk. It doesn't seem to end. Papers needing to be filed, work to be done before deadlines, catching up with my daily social media fix, having a social life: these things just don't seem to end. We all need a break here and there to catch our breath and save ourselves. Here are some of the 5 Simple...but relaxing breaks to take to make you feel better...and fast!

#1: Go for a walk: Seriously? A walk with all this on my plate? you think. It will help. Sitting behind a desk for too long without moving will just tire you out. Taking a few laps around the block with get your brain moving again and the endorphins will boost your attitude. Bring a coworker or friend for a little mid-day conversation and catch-up while your at it. 

#2: Grab a Treat: We all need a pick-me up. Once that 3:30 feeling hits, I'm a goner. My personal fav is a quick donut from Dunkin' Donuts. It makes me feel so happy and energized. Don't have more than one: too much sugar and you will definitely crash! 

#3: Pinterest: Can I live in Pinterest? Scrolling a few pins will give you a little boost of happiness. Pinterest is a great place for inspiration and browsing through them always makes me feel so good. Hint: My favorite is Humor/Kids. They always give me a good laugh when I need it. 

#4: Exercise: Exercising gives you endorphins! Endorphins make you happy. Happy people don't kill their husbands. Legally Blonde moment: it was needed. Hopping on the treadmill for a quick workout will get the blood flowing and the endorphins moving through your body. It is a guaranteed way to relieve stress and make you happy. If you can't get to a gym, do a few laps around your local park or track. 

#5: Netflix: We all have a guilty pleasure we love to watch. (Kardashians anybody? Ugly Betty - I'm down!) Most of these shows are on Netflix streaming. When I'm down in the dumps, an episode can bring me right back up. Don't watch more than one or you'll be having yourself a movie marathon which is really hard to get out of. If you don't have Netflix or a service like it, find a show you like on Youtube or on cable. 

What are your favorite simple...but relaxing breaks?

Monday, September 16, 2013

Fall Favorites

Although I am very a little sad that summer has come to a close, I'm really looking forward to fall. Summer has had some amazing memories, but honestly, I was almost expecting more. Obviously, some things were great, but others just made me wanting fall to be here. I hope next summer has more in store for me. Regardless, I'm stoked for autumn. I've started to pull out my sweaters from dust bags under my bed (eep!) and bring my Patagonia out of hiding. I love having a "go-to outfit for the winter, so I thought I would break down a few of my classic fall favorites!

School/Work Day: In the morning, I have absolutely zero time for mistakes, so having this outfit idea tucked in the back of my mind for when I oversleep is key. It is so simple and the simplicity makes it look like you thought it out! This outfit is perfect for a lazy study day too.

Black Patagonia
Long-sleeve college tee
Riding Boots
Long draping necklace
Side Braid 

Night Out: On Fridays, I am so (let me tell you so) ready to just relax with friends, so having a nice outfit thought out for dinners and get-togethers makes life a breeze. 

Creme Sweater
Skinny Jeans
Bean Boots/Riding Boots
Silver Necklace
Dangly Earrings 
Paired with a light jacket if needed 

Fancier Event/Church: On these types of occasions, it is nice to have something that requires no effort what so ever. 

Long-sleeve dress
Light coverup
Heels/ankle booties

What are some of your Fall Favorites?


Friday, September 13, 2013


To Infinity and Beyond has always been a "catchphrase" that has stuck with me. Iconic line of Buzz Lightyear from Pixar Studio's, Toy Story, I have always loved infinity - never ending. Some of my most favorite things in life are pieces of jewelry. {rings and necklaces are by far my favorite} I have an adorable infinity sign necklace and a infinity sign ring {which is on loan to me} I am not sure what I love so much about infinity, but it probably the immortality about it. I know how cheesy it sounds, but it really love it. 

What is your favorite symbol?

Monday, September 9, 2013


I know I just gave a whole talk about new beginnings and about how beneficial they really are. However, toxic friendships have definitely on the brain. I, unfortunately, have had my share of unbelievable toxic friendships. Most of the time, they started off perfect. Once the honeymoon period wore off, people started getting really "catty" and it gave me a lot of stress. I was anxious about how to deal with these situations. I found myself holding in a lot of the anger and frustration I built up. It was unhealthy for me to have all these negative relationships in my life and this anger around me. I was irritable and frankly, just plain rude. I realized that these toxic friendships really stemmed from toxic people. I know that sounds just down right horrible to blame the entire thing on one person, but there isn't much someone can do if they don't cause a toxic relationship. Toxic people often don't care much about others which makes it hard to have a lasting relationship. A few years ago, two good friends I had made on particular sports team. We created a bond and it felt so great to have such great friends on the team that were in my grade. The following year, they teamed up and created this ultra-clique between themselves. They blocked me out and bullied me all the time. I didn't want to go to practice and I dreaded seeing them in school. When I called them out on it, they would ignore it and they would laugh at me behind my back. I was so frustrated and blamed it on myself. These toxic friends did not stop until an intervention from my coach. One of them felt so horribly that she wrote an apology note, while the other avoided (and still does) the entire situation. It makes me upset that they didn't "got away" without more of a punishment, but I am a strong believer in karma. What goes around comes around.  These toxic friends are out of my life and I can finally breathe again. The storm is over and I couldn't be more thankful for that. It is never hard to break about relationships that aren't working, but when you are in over your head in toxic relationships, enough is enough after a while. It wasn't the easiest process facing people who bullied me, but killing off those relationships has honestly been the most healing and rewarding thing I've done in a while. I found my group and the positive friends who bring out the best in me. It has taken me a while to find them, but I am ecstatic that I've found them.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Lovin' Lately: August

With August [sadly] wrapping to a close, it is time for Lovin' Lately, a post about all the amazing things that August has had in store. Sadly, school is just around the corner. My blood pressure skyrockets when I pass the "Back to School" decorates the floor of Wal-Mart. However, August has always been a crazy month and I've found my favorite five for this month.

1) INSTAGRAM: There is nothing better than catching up with people you haven't seen in a while. Instagram is a great way to keep in touch via photos. The filters make it so great too and it is a great way to see what your friends are doing through their eyes.

2) MAKE-UP MIRRORS: These things are life-savers. They help you see that small things you are missing in a normal mirror and make your overall makeup look a whole lot better. They sell them in different magnifications. I try to avoid the super magnified ones because they hurt my eyes. 5x magnification is the best in my opinion.

3) CAR MARKERS: This is definitely the sign of school starting (at least for my school) - when seniors decorate their cars with car markers. My favorite car markers are the Crayola Crystal Effects Car Markers. They are so cool. When you first write, the color looks a little faded and dull, but within a few seconds, the color brightens and crystallizes. It is definitely worth the purchase. I got mine at Wal-Mart.

4) BELVITA: These breakfast energy bars are the best! Four biscuits are in one package and they keep you full until lunch. They are great and come in delicious flavors. Perfect for super fast mornings when you oversleep your alarm (happened)

5) GROOPDEALZ.COM: I can't put any words together that would accurately share my love for It is basically an eBay geared towards women. You make an account [for free] and each item is posted for a two days. You "buy the item" you want and they ship it to your house.

What are your August favorites?