Sunday, December 1, 2013

Lovin' Lately: November

While my scheduled Lovin' Lately post was skipped during my 'break', I have so many amazing things on my list for November. With winter coming here and the cool air among us, I have so much to share with you all. Let's get us started!

# 1: Munchkins: For all of those who don't know, I was the world's biggest donut fan. One of my favorite things that my friends and I do when we have a very stressful day, we all meet at Dunkin' Donuts and share a box of 25 munchkins. Munchkins not only are so good, but you don't feel as bad because they are so tiny. They also started making a red velvet flavor which is to die for!

# 2: Pinterest:  Even though I have loved the website forever, it feel like I love it even more in the transition period between seasons because there are always a lot more 'pins' on woman's fashion and also the food section. 

# 3: Bean Boots: I will never forget the gross, clunky snow boots my parents bought my brother and I when I was in elementary school. Bean boots from L.L Bean are the "perfect" solution to this problem. They are fashionable, light-weight, and look good with any outfit. I love wearing them! 

#4: Lilly Agendas: I have been dying for a Lilly Agenda. They are so so cute and I just want one so badly. The patterns are so cute and I'm just hoping on the Lilly God's will drop one off at my house {pretty please!} The one issue I have is that the agenda is 17-month. (aka August 2013-December 2014) so if you use one, what are you supposed to do from January 2015-August until the new planner comes out? A little confusing, but still super cute. 

#5: BIC Velocity Pencils: As y'all know, I have a strange fetish with pens and pencils. I have fallen in love with these pencils. They are stylish, but they also make your handwriting look so pretty, but also comes with extra erasers/lead. So great -

What are you Lovin' Lately?

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