Sunday, December 8, 2013


I've been having a little bit of a hard time bouncing back from my break. I know its been a few weeks, but I still can't help but feel this "ping" of something in the back of head everyday. This "ping" is pushing me down and telling my mind I can't. Every since these thoughts have been happening, I've been thinking about myself as a person. I've accomplished so much so far in my young life! I've done so many things to better myself, which proves that I can! Why do we do that so often in our lives? Why don't we trust ourselves when we know she can or we should? Why don't we rely on ourselves more often. I'm promising myself now that I can and will trust myself more. I, in the end, know what is best for me and no one else can change that. Sure things aren't always going to be 100% all the time - it's life and it isn't supposed to be. Trusting myself is the best way to grow from my mistakes. I am the captain and driver of my life and I choose the outcomes and direction I go. I can! I will. For those of you who know Mackenzie Horan, the blogger, she has a great online boutique called Design Darling that I am just in love with. One of my favorite things on her blog are her adorable little pencils. One of the sets is called '#Whistlewhileyouwork" and the little sayings on the pencils are so inspiring that I made it my lock screen background. Whenever I'm just checking the time or my messages, these motivational phrases remind me to keep going and take control of the wheel. I just love them so much. #toolegittoquit #hustle

How do you take control? What motivates you?

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