Monday, October 7, 2013

Passion Pumps

Love that the holiday season is just a few months away (woo!) which means a lot of special occasions, holiday dresses (!!) and of course, some amazing parties. You can't go to a special holiday party without some great looking pumps. I am all about the high heel. They are so feminine and so fantastic for any outfit. However, these dreamy darlings can break the bank and around the holiday time, cash isn't always that easy to come by. (i.e. - gifts for everyone, thank you gifts for a gift, gifting yourself [obvi]) I have really lucked out finding some great pumps for less than you would think so. I love Payless Shoe Stores, first off. We all see their commercials for BOGO (Buy one, get one 50%) and most people just assume that since the shoes are cheap, so is the material. FALSE. Last year, I bought an adorable pair for nude pumps last year for only $18 dollars and I wear them ALL the time. They are so comfortable and easy to walk in. At the end of the night, my feel don't ache like they do in some heels and I get compliments all the time. People think they are designer! (fashion points, anyone?) Another great place to scope out are the lower end retail stores such as Kohls, Marshalls, TJ Maxx. They always have great shoes marked down for great prices too. The one downside is that it is hit or miss. They often put everything they have out on the floor, so if the shoe is just too tight, it just isn't right - try a new style. I always find a shoe that I was wasn't expecting to end up coming home with me. Lastly, check out some online retailers like Amazon and eBay. They often partner up with companies to pass on some sweet savings right on to you. I've found some great deals on great shoes and the occasional free shipping deal is great! A great website to check out is for any online purchases. You type in the website name and it gives you a list of all the current coupons that are valid for the website along with the last time it work successfully. It saves you a bunch on money on the crazy shipping fees along with your sweet purchase! Check it out the next time you purchase something online!!

Where do you "score" your favorite pumps?

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